There was a time many years ago when four of us used to meet regularly to pray

We called it our prayer triplet, who knows why, other than we thought it funny. We’d meet fortnightly or monthly, I can’t quite remember how often, but it continued for quite a long while. We enjoyed our times together, they were rich. We knew we were only small fry, but we also knew God would be with us, and sometimes make his presence especially tangible through what he said or did.

I guess I’m reminded of this because I saw someone tweeting today about prayer ‘threes’, and straight away I was whisked back to the room where we worshipped, prayed, and prophesied, such good times.


That particular group is long gone, yet it is still one of the memories I retrieve and turn this way and that to see its different aspects. Yep, still beautiful.


The discovery of praying with others rather than alone was huge

I hadn’t realised it could be so joy-filled, honest, or exciting. It remains one of my favourite things. Whether it’s just me and a friend, or a room full of people, it doesn’t matter to me, both are a privilege to be part of.
It’s hard to beat meeting with friends to meet with God, it’s one of the most precious activities we can be involved in. I think it’s the authenticity that grabs me every time. To be with people who love God and are willing to make themselves vulnerable, to pour out their hearts, whatever it might sound like, is just so GOOD.


Some of the seeds planted way back then are growing strong now

They are becoming what could only be thought of as unrealistic dreams at the time. I’m sure those times have made much more difference than we ever imagined they could.

Over the years I’ve been part of a various groups who have met to pray and encourage one another, they appear simple and often rather more small fry than big fish, but they can be powerful and often bear great fruit.

Thankfully God loves to bless the small and seemingly insignificant, his is an upside-down kingdom.


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