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Everything I do, whether blogging, speaking, writing, or spending time with people here in the UK and overseas, is with the aim of building a culture of encounter. Intellectual understanding of the truth we believe is good, but it isn’t enough, we need to experience the reality of it. Our God isn’t a distant abstract being, but is intimate, personal, and triune, Father, Son, and Spirit, and he wants to be known and loved as such. If this is true, it matters, and can’t merely be a mental assent, it needs to be our day to day experience. My passion is to help you to grow in this.

We aim to develop a culture of encounter in these areas:

  • Personal:  Understanding yourself to a greater degree, becoming more at ease with who you are.
  • With friends:  Getting to know each other by building authentic relationships.
  • With God:  As we find we can genuinely meet with him and that he brings loving kindness, healing, freedom, revelation, etc.

None of these will happen unless we are willing to be deliberate in our pursuit of growth.

Class or seminar-like situations are great, but they aren’t the complete answer. God’s Kingdom looks like family, and over the years we have found that our preferred way with people is slow, gentle, developmental, father-and-mother-like mentoring. We just love people.

We have found various ways of bringing people together to grow their experience of real encounter. Here’s a handful to give you an idea of some of what we get up to.

Hopes and Dreams Sessions

One of our favourite things to do is to help people discover their ‘God dreams’. Funnily enough, even those who are functioning far beyond their recognised comfort zones, real adventurers and pioneers, don’t necessarily know how to answer questions about what they would like to have achieved in their life, and our delight is to help them discover those hopes and dreams. Everyone, however they see themselves, has deep veins of gold in them, we have found it isn’t difficult to mine that treasure and bring it out into the light of day.

These times are excellent for building deeper bonds of affection within the group. Many times, as ideas are explored, there will be a dovetailing of skills, gifts, and dreams which brings a sense of ‘Wow, me too, that’s what I’d like to do!’

Exploring Prayer

This group will gather for a short series of sessions, the aim is to discover avenues of prayer to enrich our experience and change our expectation of meeting with God. We are changed by being in the presence of Jesus and so our purpose is to use forms of praying which previously we may not have been familiar with but which will help us to become more like Jesus.

Exploring the Prophetic

This group will gather to meet with God to enjoy him without any sense of rush, to allow space and time for him to reveal what he has on his heart. We want to encourage you to extend your experience of hearing from God.

These last two are groups which we will be making available soon. If you’re interested, please email us, telling us which you’d like information on and and we’ll let you know when dates and spaces are available. As they are intimate gatherings spaces will be limited.

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