I find my heart thrills just a little when someone is brave enough to refer to the Holy Spirit as She

I know gender is only emphatic when we refer to Jesus, after all he was a man, flesh and blood, no doubt about that. But Papa God, although he is mostly seen as Father, is also referred to as a mother, oh goodness, how tender those moments.


When I see the Spirit called “She” it somehow sneaks under my radar and does something new and different to the usual “He”

Why is this? I’m not entirely sure, but it is precious. I appreciate it as I’ve been part of the evangelical church for all of my life, so to hear “She”, startles me every time, maybe one day it won’t but for now it does, and I relish it.


There’s a difference to men and women

We aren’t all stereotypically male or female in our behaviour, but we are different. And so, to hear Holy Spirit is “She”…oh my…thank you for those who are brave enough to face the stony looks and just say it, even if it is only sometimes.



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