Beauty is a fantastic gift of God for the mind and soul. We are made with a great appetite for beauty.

We might spend hours in galleries, finding ourselves leaning in to see just a little more of the artist’s intricate detail—wondering at their amazing ability; or perhaps we’ll take a walk through nature, delighted at what we can see and sense all around us—the crushed grass, bruised pine needles, and crumbling leaves sending their fragrance to thrill us as step by step we release more of nature’s scent.

And what is it about the aroma of fresh air? When a visitor enters your home and they’ve walked from their place to yours, the fragrance they bring with them is better than anything to be purchased at any cosmetics counter, however smart it may be, and doesn’t it make you want to head out for an evening walk, right there and then?

What do you find feeds your soul?

These are the sort of things that make me thrive, I find exhibitions of people’s paintings, sketches, needlework, all kinds of creative work really, will do my heart an immense amount of good, I’m lifted by it and I want to come back again…and again and again!

If we have a sense of lack, our hearts may be hungry for fresh air and rivers, fields and animals.

We are made for beauty. We are made for the outdoors. We are made for communion with God and each other. Going for walks with friends, enjoying delicious meals in a loved one’s home, or just you and Holy Spirit sharing the experience of fabulous scenery, all are part of how we become all we are made to be, and part of discovering how well we are loved, too.

Pay attention to what thrills you today, and lean in…


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