We know worship is important, but why is this so?

First, and most importantly, it is directed to God and it pleases Him more than we can imagine.

Second, we get to encounter Him as we realise we are truly in His presence and are welcome there.

Third, it has an effect on the world around us because as we worship we are transformed, and as we worship we sense His heart, then we carry this out into the world we live in, gradually bringing about change.

Eugene Peterson, in his introduction to the book of the prophet Micah, said that prophets remake the world with their words.
Under the old covenant only a few people were prophets, but in the new covenant and since the coming of the Holy Spirit, all believers are able to hear the voice of God, we can all communicate the heart of God to those around us and so change the world little by little.

As we worship let’s make sure we engage with Him, and not be like a lazy married couple who say loving words but don’t connect deeply anymore.

Make ‘eye contact’ with Him, take a moment to be quiet, gather your thoughts, know you are in the presence of the Almighty, Holy, God, and yet you are welcomed with open arms and with kind eyes.

Know that you are involved in the most important activity ever conceived of.

Worship Him, be transformed, change the world.



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