We are all discipled by others, whether or not that is what we call it. It can be a useful exercise to ask ourselves who we have been influenced by, because, whether for good or bad, significant people will have impacted our lives at various times, some we look back on with fondness and appreciation, others, not so much.

But for now I’m not focusing on the issues that may have resulted from unhappy influences, just making the point that we have all been discipled, hopefully you see what I mean.

You might wish that you had intentional discipling from someone but if that isn’t available at the moment, then taking responsibility and planning for your own growth is of great help.

Of course you won’t be able to address your blind spots, (because you won’t think you have any!) but you will be able to focus your attention on areas you are aware need a bit of tender loving care.

If we simply go through life dashing into some time with God and then rushing off again as soon as we have fulfilled our allotted task or time, then we will be more shallow than we would wish.
The main issue with this is the sense of it being a job to be finished, rather than something we relish. It’s not the length of time but the heart behind it which is important.

I’m not knocking the sort of connection with God that is all you can get your hands on during the times in life that are beyond crazy busy..like when you have a newborn baby and staying awake is challenge enough..
I’m thinking more of when life is normal, I know you’re probably saying whatever is ‘normal’, but I just mean the run of the mill times of life.
If we dig deep into God in those times, then in the crazy times we have more of a solid reserve to dip into.

If we have, or want to have, a love for God’s word and have spent plenty of time becoming familiar with what he has to say as well as working at how to live that out, then we aren’t at quite such a disadvantage when life is so hectic there is no time to sit and read in the same way.

If we haven’t pressed into him during the ordinary plod of life then when tougher times come we are a bit short on reserves and can find ourselves floundering, being influenced more by tiredness, stress, and emotion, it is too easy to forget the truth of how secure we are and how much he loves us if we can’t remember the last time we knew him impressing that upon us.

You know you want to be a person who handles life well, more than that, you want to know God well, the best way any believer can do this is spend time with him, get past the sense of not being sure this will work for you and enjoy him..really enjoy him. You won’t be sorry.


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