Meditation: Ponder, Plot, and Plan

Tim Keller says in one of his talks from 'Preaching Christ in a Post Modern World' that our habit of reading the bible and then going straight into prayer leaves out meditation and we are poorer for it. To a western mind meditation seems strange, we are told to do it,...

Matt Chandler’s New Testament reading plan

If you have listened to Matt's talk (or even if you haven't) you may be interested in his reading plan. Note the blurb at the bottom, it's helpful. 100 DAY NEW TESTAMENT READING PLAN Day Book/Chapters Day 1 Matthew 1-4 Day 2 Matthew 5-7 Day 3 Matthew 8-9 Day 4 Matthew...

The Cost of Non-Discipleship

Sometimes when I speak to people about discipleship I can see them thinking that this is going to be hard, take a lot of effort, or mean giving up a lot of things that are familiar and part of their way of coping with life. In short, this is going to cost. I have...

How to pray this time?

Isn't it hard sometimes to know what to pray? I found this part of a sermon helpful one time when I was praying for a family and wasn't sure what to ask for. 'What God has wrought in us, may be urged as an argument in prayer to obtain further grace; many ways, partly...

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What a beautiful way of contextualizing the Christmas story for our time.

This is the moment a 102-year-old Holocaust survivor meets the nephew he never knew he had.

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