Forgiveness is a powerful action. It transforms and heals, releases and restores, it reconciles enemies, and refreshes tired hearts. It is the essential underpinning of our life with God. If He did not make the first move, we would never seek His forgiveness, nor anyone else’s come to that. 

It is glorious. 

When I read ‘ Dancing With Destiny’ by Jill Austin, I was impacted by what she had to say, I thought you might be too.

Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.

Ps 24:7 NIV

In her book Dancing With Destiny author Jill Austin writes about forgiveness:

‘Go to the mercy seat. Throw yourself between the horns of the altar, and in the precious spattered blood of Jesus, saying ‘Lord, forgive me. Forgive those who have risen up against me.’ 

Then she writes:

‘Your wounds will begin to heal and the scars will begin to glow with the resurrection anointing of Jesus.’

Don’t you love this? 

At any time in our lives we have opportunities for forgiveness, either our own sin or someone else’s. The way it is described here is the reality of true forgiveness, not dull plodding forgiving, half-hearted in its attempt, but wholehearted radiant forgiving, glowing with the anointing of Jesus.

Further on she says:

‘Then you can speak with authority because you have forgiven. You can declare ‘Open up the gates so that the King of Glory may come in!’

What a word for us from the Father-heart of God. 

We want to be people of His presence, so we declare first of all to our own hearts:

‘Open up the gates so the King of Glory can come in!’ 

Life in the Spirit is vigorous and vivid, we don’t expect to amble through life ignoring our own sin, but to engage with Holy Spirit to turn our lives around and follow Jesus in every way. 

We invite Him to bring down strongholds in our thinking and behaviour, to show us where we need to change.

This isn’t a dreary trudge of ‘Do better’, Try Harder’, it is the discovery of an empowered life resulting from transformed thinking. 

Not ‘How much can I get away with?’, but ‘What could I be exploring in this life in the Spirit?’ 

Sometimes we can find life is neither vigorous nor vivid, but more of a quiet hibernating time while He works in us to bring about willingness for the change He wants to see. 

When He has done this we can know the ‘Glow of the resurrection anointing of Jesus’ transforming our scarred wounds into marks left by His fingerprints.

Then we find we are reminded of the power of our prayers, that in fact we do live in His presence, and in His presence we find power to minister in various ways, certainly way beyond any serving we might engage in from a sense of duty. 

We find His gifts and nature bubbling up from within us, causing a revolution. 

No more sense of duty but an adventure and a privilege even to go through the daily routine when it is done in the presence of our dear friend the Holy Spirit. 

Where there are situations needing a breakthrough, in response to His guidance we say:

Open up, so the King of Glory can come in!’ 

We aren’t those who passively wait for change, we are those He has charged with bringing in the Kingdom:

‘As it is in Heaven, so on earth’

Enter in Lord Jesus!










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