Once upon a time a woman in a crowd called out to a faltering preacher. She cried out ‘Tell them the dream, Martin! Tell them the dream!’

I wonder if she hadn’t, would we know the theme that pounded through Martin Luther King’s heart?

Would we be so familiar with the rhythms of the speech so ably and beautifully delivered?

Would our hearts beat so hard when we heard the phrase ‘I have a dream‘?

Or would we have forgotten the preacher who longed for more but stumbled over his words and went home feeling he’d failed? I think it’s highly likely.

That brave woman, the singer Mahalia Jackson, made a world of difference in a world that needed to be different, she called out the dream in the person she believed carried such vision within him that he must not keep it hidden, he must not keep it quiet.
Because she did this, now we know his dream and now to some extent we see the dream come true..

What’s my point?

My point is without a dream nothing happens and without people who know us and know our dreams they may not get called out from us to make the difference in the world they were given to accomplish.

We need to dream the dreams God plants in our hearts, we need good, close, faithful friends who will provoke us to be a voice to change nations, to see the kingdom extending into the world.

What can you do?

Seek God, dream your dreams, and make your friends. The world needs you to change it. Don’t leave it another day.


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