Recalling those early days when I first met you, when I would put my little son to bed for his rest in the morning, make a cup of tea, and sit down cross legged to settle in and worship you…how lovely to know you remember it too, and so much more clearly than me.

I’d sing all the songs I could remember, I’d tell you everything on my mind.   So simple.

You’d remind me of my life and I’d see even more how you loved me.

You’d hear my cries for this and that.

You’d stir my heart for more, for unheard ideas, for unimagined roles.

You’d speak, even before I knew to imagine you might not.

You set my heart to desire great things before I knew to think they were impossible.

You filled me to make me hungry.

You drew me into a walk, step by step…

How kind you are.

Do I long for those days as some old, long gone, sweet memory? No, you are here and so am I.




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