What comes to mind when you think about discipling others?

Maybe that’s the sort of thinking you avoid, hoping if you don’t think about it the need will disappear!

It is so easy to believe we haven’t much to offer anyone else because we aren’t this or that sort of person.

Perhaps you are imagining discipling as a much heavier load than it needs to be.

If you are learning then you have good things to pass on.

To be alongside someone who needs support and encouragement is something most people can manage.
No one is going to be able to help someone in every area of life, and to expect too much of ourselves in this isn’t very helpful, but most of us can help those who are newer believers than ourselves in some area and probably much more than we imagine.
This isn’t a one way street, at times we will need to receive some help and encouragement from someone who is further on than we are too.
We need to be passing on what we have learnt to others so they have good things to pass on as well.

If you’ve been put off in the past by the thought of discipling someone else, do you think you would feel more comfortable if you imagined mothering or fathering someone?

Is there someone you have felt drawn to but have held back from because of that sense of inadequacy?

How about meeting them for coffee to see if there is any way you could be an encouragement to them.

It doesn’t have to be a heavy load to carry, and it could be that you discover a friend for life, I know I have.


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