Recently, I was chatting with someone who mentioned that she had been spending time soaking in scripture and how it had made such a difference to her. She saw there had been a lack of bedrock truth for her to rest secure on and the lack had meant her walk with God had been affected in a negative way.

Nothing in nature will show us the details of God’s love, mercy, grace, or holiness, we may feel a sense of the awesome majesty and beauty of God as we look at creation, but we won’t find the cross of Jesus or the heart of God for us in a field or a sunset.

Have you received a letter in the post lately, you know, real snail-mail?
No tweet, text, or facebook status, can compare with a letter written with full descriptions of how much you are loved by the sender, and how close they want to be with you, the future they imagine with you.
This is the sort of communication that we all love to get.
We also know it takes a lot of commitment to write such a letter, well how about a book? Our Father God has given us this amazing revelation of himself, as well as letting us know his perspective on the mess humanity has made.

He shows us a fresh way of life: A life lived in response to his love for us, an offering of our life to him to do with whatever he wishes.

We can come to know a level of intimacy with him which is richly satisfying, much more so than any other way of trying to meet the deep rumblings of dissatisfaction in the human heart.
For any of this to be possible, we need to know what scripture says. We need to read it  or listen to it, if you’ve never tried listening to the bible have a go, it is a great way of becoming more familiar with it, memorise it, understand it, get to know it and do it.

How else are we going to know the truth of the love he has for us, or the holiness of God and the need for the death and resurrection of Christ if we won’t dig into the revelation he has given us of himself?

Don’t miss out on what he wants to do with you, these are the carefully crafted words of a loving God to us, let’s enjoy them, live them out and see what happens.

The point of the bible is to lead us to Jesus in reality, not simply stark black words on fine white paper, but real one-to-one personal communication and relationship.

Don’t let yourself be shortchanged into thinking a bit of bible will sort you out. There have been those who went before us who believed all they needed to do was know the scriptures through and through, yet they didn’t want to get to know him, even though he is the ultimate revelation of the Father.

‘You diligently study the scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.’
John 5:39-40

Coming to Jesus is key, soaking in the scriptures must lead on to soaking in his presence, talking to him, spreading our thoughts, desires, and needs before him like a unfurling tablecloth, smoothing out the wrinkles as we talk with him, listening for his response and walking with him into the future he has for us.
Not simply bible reading or study, but a life which is formed and informed by scripture, a life of one who knows the Spirit empowered reality of living with Jesus.


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