What do you do with your secrets?

This Jesus, the one the poor loved and the religious hated…this Jesus loves in such a way and so thoroughly that all of those things that haunt and taunt you in the middle of the night can be dealt with, you can walk free, really free.

This Jesus received the woman who washed his feet with her tears and poured out perfume…she had been forgiven of so much, she barely knew how to contain her love for him.
This Jesus didn’t treat her as she knew her sins had deserved, he treated her as she was in his eyes, clean…forgiven…lovely…as acceptable to him as a baby straight from a warm bath..clean and sweet smelling.

However vividly she could have remembered her past if she chose to, she had a more clear vision to ponder, she had the love of this Jesus, this pure and holy one who knew her as only he could…and not as others had.
She could touch him and know her heart untouched by any dark stain…she could look in his eyes and see his own return the look with no sense of fear rise up in her…what would he do? He would receive her offering as a pure and sweet smelling sacrifice..knowing her heart was full of loving gratitude to him for his pure love for her.

Do we truly grasp how thorough this forgiveness is? Do we get this? Do we know we are as sweet as is possible to him because we have trusted in the one who has made his blood our fountain and bath of cleansing and forgiveness?

Not always. I listen far too often to people as they pour out their hearts full of regret and tell me of the nights full of taunting voices to think this is something we have grasped in anything like a sufficient way.
Why? Why on earth don’t we get it?

It is so simple, yet we fail to let it sink in. Have we allowed ourselves to be inoculated against this truth, hearing it, but not engaging with its deep down, hope inducing truth?
…this Jesus has not left us to stew in our own juice, but has come to put his hand under our chin, to lift our face to him, to say…
If you will trust me, if you will follow me, if you lay down your own agenda, you will…you will…yes you will…know what it is to feel free to approach and pour out your love like perfume and put all your energies into living life with me…because you love me…because I love you.

Will this simple straightforward and utterly good message mean you turn easily away from him because he will forgive you if you return? I guess there’s the risk you could do that..but really…why would you? He who loves you more than you can imagine, he who loves you like no one else does.

Thankfully, in addition to those times when there are poured out stories of pain, there are also the times I listen to those same people tell me, with bright faces, how things have changed for them now they know their shame is gone. They have no fear of secrets exposed anymore, no hidden thing to live in the shadow of. Are they looking for opportunities to take off towards the dark places because this grace is so generous and free?

What do you think?


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