Prophecies are mostly given with no apparent conditions but this doesn’t mean there isn’t change which needs to come about before the word will be brought into being. This isn’t often spoken of though, so it can be a little tempting to assume it will be plain sailing from the receiving of the word through to its fulfilment.

What should our response be when we receive prophetic words? Especially as they may seem to have no conditions attached, and if this is the way we see them, then we might be excused for thinking no action is needed to align ourselves for Him to move forward and bring about whatever He has spoken of.

Do we imagine because He has spoken that we must be in great shape and therefore we don’t need to apply ourselves to becoming more like Jesus? If we put it like that, then, no, we would say we are still in need of change, but when we hear from God that He wants to do a specific thing then it can sound like a done deal. We must be aware that this is not necessarily the case.

Whenever we hear from Him we need to continue to examine our hearts, but also to see if there is anything we need to do, or perhaps skills we need to learn to ensure we are in the best place for Him to bring about what He wants to do in or through our lives.

As we pray about the prophecy He has given we must be willing to hear Him along the way to its fruition too, He could have quite a lot to say.

We are eager to be used by Him however He chooses and we need to be just as eager to be responsive to the Holy Spirit as He provokes us to change and grow, keeping us in step with Him and therefore more likely to be ready for Him to put in motion whatever it is He has up His sleeve, when He decides it is time.

Of course that is another challenge as He doesn’t appear to view the passing of time in quite the same way as we do, consider this, He can say something is going to happen soon, or that He is going to bring about some great thing in us or our situation, yet He’s well known for taking years, sometimes decades, when we assume He means to do something in the next few weeks or months. As the psalmist said, ‘Pause and calmly think of that.’

It is good for us to recall the stories from the Old Testament where we see His people waiting for many years before the promise comes about.

Abraham and Sarah spring to mind…

But, when He does decide it is time, that one day will be THE day when things shift and change happens, as we don’t know when that will be, we had best keep our eyes open and our hearts tender. We want to be ready, don’t we?


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