I listened to my husband speaking at a meeting recently and as I felt stresses and tensions melt away, I pondered the thought: ‘This is my husband, my pastor’. I was grateful.

How peculiar it seemed to label him, yet so accurate, he leads me and guides me, not as some superior being I must follow obediently, but as the kindest person I know outside of the Godhead.

To listen to him is a revelation. He is quiet by nature and so when he does speak, anyone who knows him stops to listen, knowing the worth of what he says. Every time I hear him speak in such a way it does my heart good.

He says he speaks out of his weakness, others would say he is deeply gifted. He won’t hear of it, how wrong he is, but how right.
It is as he serves with an awareness of his need of the Spirit to help him that he best benefits those around him.
He brings the Father heart of God with him. Who wouldn’t listen to such a man?

If he believed he could manage on his own, then the richness and the healing which are conveyed as he speaks from his heart would be diminished and we would all be the poorer for it.

This is the man I have spent the last forty-plus years with, the one I have spent each day and night with for the last twenty two years as he has made our home his workplace.
He is the genuine article. The one I would willingly follow to the ends of the earth. He truly is a gift.


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