I don’t know what your reaction to the title ‘Dancing With Destiny’ would be, but as someone most of us listen to at least occasionally would say….”bear with, bear with..” (if you’re not a lover of the superb Miranda Hart, I can only say you need to rethink your position on comedy. But I digress..)

Jill Austin, author of said book, writes of there being two seats in heaven, the judgement seat and the mercy seat. She says:

Go to the mercy seat. Throw yourself between the horns of the altar and on the precious spattered blood of Jesus, saying “Lord, forgive me, and forgive those who have risen up against me.”

Sounds like a psalm to me.

Then she goes on to say:

Your wounds will begin to heal and the scars will begin to glow with the resurrection anointing of Jesus.’

This doesn’t sound like the sort of forgiving we can so easily drift into, not dowdy, half-hearted forgiving, it’s wholehearted, radiant forgiving which allows the heart of Jesus to shine through, accomplishing healing as it does so.

There’s more..

Then….you can speak with authority because you have forgiven. You can declare “Open up the gates so the King of glory can come in!”

Bring it on!

Life in the Spirit is vigorous and vivid, we don’t expect to amble through life ignoring our sin, we engage with the Holy Spirit so as to turn our lives to follow Jesus in every way. This isn’t a trudge, it is the discovery of an empowered life resulting from transformed thinking and fullness of the Spirit,
Not ‘How much can I get away with?’, rather ‘What could I be exploring in this ‘life in the Spirit’?’ ‘What does He have for me to do in this Spirit-filled, Spirit-present, therefore Spirit-liberated life?’

In a life such as John the Baptist spoke of, one where we are baptised in the Holy Spirit and with fire, we discover that our prayers can be powerful and that we DO live in His presence. In that presence we find ability to work or to minister in various ways as He prompts and empowers, certainly beyond anything we might engage in out of a sense of duty. We find His nature and gifts bubbling up in us, causing a revolution in character.

Repentance is brave. Forgiveness is brave. Come on, He makes us brave…do what He is nudging you to do.

No one said our highest goal was to be ‘nice’, but sometimes our efforts can cause us to appear nicer than God Himself, challenging no status quo….whether internal or external, risking nothing, attempting no great thing, resulting in a dreary dullness which does Him no credit. In the life He has presented to us, even as a gift to be enjoyed to the fullest, it is a vastly different experience to do even the daily things when they are done in the company of our dear friend the Holy Spirit.

We will indeed be ‘Dancing with Destiny’….what will Jesus do? What will you do alongside Him?


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