Make yourself at home..

What happens in your home? Plenty of chat, lots of just being together, laughing, sometimes tears, and a fair bit of eating, I’m sure.

How do we spend time together as his family?
(I’m not talking about Sunday meetings but other times we spend together as smaller groups, whatever you might call them.)

As we gather around food, relaxing together, we will perhaps find there is more space to talk about things which we might not feel are relevant or appropriate in a study or general discussion setting, some of the best family conversations are the unplanned ones, a hesitantly begun chat which leads to a change in understanding, with perhaps a realisation someone else feels the same too, and then growth in the feeling of belonging.

Who knows, maybe a sentence can provoke a journey of questions which changes the direction of a whole life.
Maybe we will simply chat and laugh about the silly things, after all we are family and friends.
Maybe there will be precious moments when we get to pray together about something so long accepted it seemed a forever thing, then to know a rising hope it may not be.

Or to pray about a spark of a dream and see it come about over the months and years… how lovely to know with confidence that he listens and acts upon our conversations with him.

He has made us welcome!
It gives us cause to stop and think doesn’t it, he makes us welcome, really welcome, into his family, his home.

Welcome friends, come in and make yourselves at home. What’s happening? Pull up a chair and tell me all about it.

How lovely to know and be known..


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