For all of us who have looked within and thought:

Who, me? There must be some mistake!’

I want to remind us of what we already know, but often need to hear again.

His calling and gifting express His love for us and for His broken world, they aren’t merit badges or character credits. No brownie points earned here.

In our certain knowledge of our flaws, we can be even more certain of His love and grace.
He has called us to be His, His very own, and also His messengers to those who though they don’t know it yet, are longing to hear of love from home.

When we say to God, ‘Who, me?!’ and He replies ‘Yes, you, you are the ‘who’ I want use’, then we can know we are those who will be used by Him to accomplish His particular purposes.

We are so aware of our inadequacy, yet He is happy to use us to demonstrate His welcoming kindness.

If we could do it alone, well, we wouldn’t need a saviour in the first place.

If He was happy to do it alone He could get on with the job in hand with the ease of a master.

What does He do?

He chooses to send us, to work through our messiness, and then to enjoy the results with us.

His message is ‘Come home, You are welcome here, there is plenty of love, forgiveness, healing, and wholeness, for you, your family, and friends, what are you waiting for?’

How awesome is He?

Who can we tell?


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