Isn’t it funny how we can get to thinking if we don’t feel what we are doing is significant God can’t be doing anything with it.

How limited is our idea of what he does, what he is interested in.

How tiny our trust.

As I prepared a small part of an informal meeting the other day, (and not for the first time, it had been chopped and changed a couple of times already) it was late to be preparing, I felt empty and had nothing to offer.
Anyway, I prayed and turned to what I thought would do my heart good if no one else’s, the 15th chapter of John, not too shabby a choice, it speaks of living in Jesus and bearing fruit in him, all good stuff when you really do feel like you have nothing, nothing at all, just a sense of tumbleweed blowing around the wide open spaces of your mind.

I was reading it in the Message and as it sounded different to usual, I thought I’d write it out and maybe I’d read it if it seemed appropriate in the meeting later on.

So we arrive and I get my journal and pen out to finish off my preparation in the chilled out time before it all kicks off, when one of our young women approached me and said she felt she had something to bring in the meeting, yep, you guessed it, it was the same chapter, only the previous four verses to the ones I had.

I told her how I’d felt as I’d prepared and we just had to laugh, it was clear God had something he wanted to highlight that evening, and he wanted to use us to encourage each other in this simple way. He could have drawn only one of us to the same verses and communicated the message, but he wouldn’t have accomplished his purposes so well.

He makes his point more kindly, but also more clearly.

We can’t do anything without him, and we’re not so hot without each other either.

The pair of us prayed and prepared and felt the familiar sense of his presence.

During the evening someone else said they felt God wanted us to pray all together, using some words from the screen, something we don’t tend to do, in fact I don’t remember doing it before in that setting, but we had thought of doing this in one of our previous plans for the meeting that night, we had ditched the idea, but it seemed God hadn’t.

It had been an ordinary day with no sense of the remarkable about it, yet we found ourselves witnessing God at work yet again.

Even though it was in such small things, his fingerprints were all over the details.

Not just me, or just you, but together we bring about his plans.

Don’t you just love the family feel of his kingdom?


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