I listened to a talk by Bill Johnson the other day, he speaks in such a way as to bring fresh vibrancy to familiar passages, after all who doesn’t know and love the verses which say this:

Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Even though these may be some of our old familiar favourites, we might not know just how special they could be if we heard them in a way other than we are used to.

‘Acknowledge’ can seem to imply a relational distance, like speaking to a person you’re only vaguely acquainted with, or at least not close to, a bank manager or stern headmaster, for example. Bill said it isn’t to be read like that, instead, it should be read like this:

In all your ways KNOW Him’, now that puts a different spin on it doesn’t it.
We might better understand it as sitting across a small table from The Lord, looking to Him in each situation, up close, intimate and personal. Not a distant nod, politely acknowledging His presence, hoping for His help, but companionship, intimacy, a knowing closeness, rather like the confident trust between a husband and wife.

Know. Only one word, yet to know someone rather than simply acknowledge them makes a world of difference in a relationship.

Give it some thought:

Imagine you and Jesus are sat at a small round table, you’re leaning in, you have had something on your mind and now you’ve told Him about it. He has heard you, you know He has. His eyes are surrounded by crinkled skin, made so by love and laughter, He is smiling.
Now know with a deep and solid trust that He will make it clear what you are to do. Meanwhile carry on confident that you know Him, He is good, and He will draw you in the right way.

Doesn’t that change the way the verse might be understood and experienced?

The talk is called ‘Giving Honor’.
(It’s a conference and Bill Johnson comes on after other speakers.)




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