You carry a profound and unfathomable call on your life, placed there by God himself. It is fresh and new and completely beyond your natural ability to accomplish. God has called you to do something you cannot possibly do. You can meditate on that call for the rest of your days, strategize it no end, even try and seize it; it doesn’t matter. Like reaching for the stars, God’s call is beyond you. It’s a gift God has given each one of his children. In fact, your inability to accomplish it is exactly why he selected you to carry that call.’

‘Beholding and Becoming’: by Graham Cooke

What do we do when we have dreams and hopes that not only seem a little out of our reach, but in some ways, downright impossible?

I know the first thing for me is letting them sit there while I do nothing about them for a while, that way I find out if they are dreams which will stick, or random ideas which seemed good at one point but now have morphed into yesterday’s silliness or old news.
If a particular idea has been hanging around for a considerable amount of time and you find yourself continuing to be stirred by it, what next?
Well, I guess you will have been praying about whatever has caught your heartbeat, but if you haven’t been convinced enough to do that yet, then that’s where I would go next.
If you are imagining crazy scenes which aren’t your usual idea of life (and you don’t think they’re simply daydreams) ask God to dig them deeper into you and to give you clarity about them.

I recall sitting with my husband and a church leader, it was many years ago, but I still remember how it felt to say what we felt our vision, or call, might be. It felt strange to say it out loud to someone else, to watch their face and read the reaction to what seems faintly silly or over-confident, when you look round at your life and see only small signs of what you believe God has pressed into your heart to shape you and your future.

But now, well now, I look and I see.
I see that what we said way back then is now in place, we do do those things which so long ago seemed a bit of an over reaching, a dream, surely an unlikely outcome.
God doesn’t tend to give tasks to people who can obviously achieve them, he is more likely to give them to those through whom he can demonstrate his power.
So if you feel weak, inadequate, and not overly qualified…you may well be in for a surprise. He loves to use people like that, he makes the point that it is him, his nature, his empowering presence within, that makes such things possible, and not only possible, but actual.

Maybe you could ask yourself some questions. Rake over your thinking, what makes your heart rise and pound at the thought of seeing it come about? Talk to friends who know you well, what do they see in you? Is it impossible? Never mind, you might be onto something!


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