Isn’t it hard sometimes to know what to pray? I found this part of a sermon helpful one time when I was praying for a family and wasn’t sure what to ask for.

What God has wrought in us, may be urged as an argument in prayer to obtain further grace; many ways, partly because God loves to crown his mercies, and make one to be a step to another.

We are endeared to God by his own mercies: he is very tender and choice of them. In whom he has begun a good work, he will perfect it. ‘Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?’ (Zach 3:2). What, shall all my former mercies be in vain?

It is God’s own argument, and he takes it well when his people urge it.

In many cases, by giving one mercy, he makes himself a debtor to give another.’

Quote from Thomas Manton ( Volume One of his three volume set on Psalm 119. This particular sermon is on verse 10.)

I could see that it was appropriate to apply the thinking from Thomas Manton’s sermon. I wasn’t sure I was correct in what I thought God wanted to do but I knew I couldn’t ignore what appeared to be a nudge from him to pray in a particular way.

I found the last sentence in the quote deeply encouraging, it has changed the way I think about prayer ever since.

I often look at that family now, remember that special time of learning, and take great pleasure in seeing the walking, talking answer to prayer.


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