What do you dream of? What do you want to grow in?

I’ve heard it said that to be truly excellent at anything you must spend ten thousand hours practicing it.

I think that probably means if I want excellence I’m stuffed, I’ll never have enough time to do that.

Should I give up my hopes and dreams or ignore the standard? You know the answer. No.

Even though the standard of 10,000 hours of practice is possibly more true than I’d like, I’ll hold on even more tightly to what I think he may have put into my heart to do, work hard at it and trust if he has put this desire in me, then he’ll give me the grace to do it, and hopefully, do it at least to a reasonable standard even if not quite excellence.

Yes, I only say think he may have put it in my heart to do.. I don’t know for sure, but that’s fine, I like a bit of an adventure and exploring whether this is from him or not will certainly be adventurous.

What is it?..ah well, we will see..

Meanwhile, what do YOU want to grow in? What do you think he might have worked into your heart? Will you pour yourself into it?


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