Recently I watched a young woman I know well as she brought a prophetic contribution in a meeting and I was struck by how much she had grown in the gifting. She was confident, comfortable, and entirely at home in what she was doing.

I thought of the stress we can sometimes put ourselves under as we try to discover ‘What has God got for me to do?’ or ‘What are my gifts?‘.

It isn’t so necessary. If we will get and do the stuff around as and serve well, paying attention to what He says and shows us, we can find our God shaped gifting and calling as we go.

It isn’t rocket science. Funnily enough He does know we aren’t always amazingly bright and can easily be side tracked, so He draws us to where He wants us, makes us good at what He wants us to do, or at least lets a glimmer of ability in the area show through, and so almost by accident we come across what we are being shaped for.

Maybe when we first attempt to speak in public we can barely string two words together, but if someone takes a risk with us we might just become good at it and find ourselves on the way to a future unimagined at first. I’ve seen this come about too.
It is deeply satisfying to see people who have no sense of ‘I can do this’, but who do have a creeping sense of God nudging them to try, becoming not just fairly able, but sharply, edgily, dynamically gifted. What a thrill that is.

To see another become entirely at home in their sphere of gifting, or to find yourself comfortable at the front edge of the as yet unknown is exhilarating and not to be missed.

Don’t settle. Take a risk. Be the first. Make a change.

You don’t know what you will discover.


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