When we think of discipleship we can feel like running for cover, it can look a tad too controlling and intrusive for us independent westerners. Or am I the only one who feels this?

I have been discipling people for around twenty years but still would feel a bit edgy about someone wanting to tell me how to live my life (and rightly so).

Well, that is what we think of when we think of discipling isn’t it?

Can I say it shouldn’t be like that?

Discipling is supposed to help us come to a place of healthy self government under God, and is an important part of the believers progress towards healthy happy holiness.

Discipleship should be a helpful relationship:

Where you are encouraged to focus on those areas you really want to get sorted.

Where your friend sees gifts and skills which you have taken for granted or ignored for too long and gets you growing in them.

Where you are given a helpful nudge when you are dreaming of doing the out of the ordinary but are hanging back scared.

Discipleship is the type of help which gives you the tools to get to the end of the day, week, whatever, and if asked ‘What would you do differently?’, you could say, ‘I’m not sure I necessarily liked all that happened, but I dont think I would do anything much differently.’

It helps you live life as you will wish you had. Doesn’t that sound good?


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