‘ “My people know My voice,” God promised. We serve a God who is dedicated to seeing us get things right. In return, He wants us to be dedicated to seeking His face. He wants us to live in the sheer pleasure of waiting on Him. To ensure that we feel the delight of being in His presence, He has given us the Holy Spirit as an inheritance. We can be assured that God will always show up and talk to us. We can rely on Him, live in His rest and peace and adore His nature. We can be overwhelmed by our own insignificance and marvel at His greatness. We can be humbled by our weakness and captivated by His strength. We can live with an understanding of how weak and small we are, and be fascinated by the grace, sovereignty, power, and majesty of the God we serve. Our present smallness cannot prevent us from entering the fullness of God….this is His will for us.’
Prophetic Wisdom by Graham Cooke.
Recently, a friend told me she particularly liked the way Graham Cooke expresses himself. I had to agree. He is gentle and kind, with a love for God that is always a provocation and invitation to me.

I thought I’d go back and read some of his work. This is a small portion from the first chapter of Prophetic Wisdom, the third in a series on the prophetic, published by Brilliant Book House. 

Graham wrote a book back in the nineties, ‘Developing Your Prophetic Gifting‘, it was the most thorough I’d come across on the subject back then, but this series is more in-depth. It is certainly thought provoking.

I’m not sure where I read or heard it, but he has said that he used to travel a great distance to be mentored once a month by Graham Perrins, that he was the quietest person in the room, taking many notes, yet saying nothing.
Isn’t it interesting that the people we have in our lives, the ones who we may think will be the most fruitful and who show the most promise, aren’t always the ones we eventually see rising to the surface, at least not for long.

Sometimes it’s the quiet ones who make little or no impact at the moment, and seem to have no desire for great prominence, who go on to influence many people both in and out of the church.
I know of those who thought little of themselves and wondered how God could use them, or indeed, if He ever would, and now, although still tender where self-esteem is concerned, are being used to make strong ripples, and who knows, one day maybe even waves.
How precious it is to realise we are perfectly seen and known by the only one who can equip us and work with us for eternal purposes, and as Graham said:

He is dedicated to seeing us get things right.’

Each of our lives are in His kind hands. Even the lives of the quiet ones.


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