Discovering: KingsArmsChurch app

We are a church who longs for a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit, greater revelation of the character of God and for more intimacy with him. We want to see Jesus building his church and to be part of that task wherever we can be useful. We are his and we love to be involved in what he is doing.

So why am I suggesting you get hold of the King’s Arms Church app? Well, they are on the same journey as us and have wisdom and experience we can benefit from.

There are plenty of talks as you’d imagine, but other great content too, for example, in their tools section there is a Ministry Motivation quiz, I know loads of you would love to ferret around in there!
There are also articles on marriage preparation, discipleship, the core message of the gospel, all sorts of things to catch your eye.

So off to the AppStore you go, no pennies required, it is free to download and is brilliant!

Look for:

KingsArmsChurch app


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