Discover your gifting.

Would you like to do this?

This is a subject that usually makes people’s ears prick up when it’s mentioned, after all if we love God we will want to be fruitful for him. Jesus said it brings God glory when we bear fruit and the thought of being able to do that is delightful.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking. It’s a good idea to not only ask yourself these questions, but think about your friends, maybe you could encourage them and be part of their growth towards flourishing in their gifts too.

What do you get favourable comments for?

Where do you cause a ripple of excitement in the people over you in church/work?
You’ll know if you do, they will be sure to communicate it, as leaders love to see budding gifts in the people around them.

What do you see fruit from?

What do you sense an ease in doing?
Charles Spurgeon, a man with a phenomenal capacity for hard work as well as being a gifted preacher, said there can be a tiredness in the ministry, rather than OF the ministry, he meant tired because you are working hard, is not the same as tired because of not having a heart for what you’re involved in.

What do you dream of doing, in which area do you dream of God using you; are you investing time money and energy into growing in that area?

Is there anyone doing what you wish you could do, is there a possibility you could be helpful to them in anyway?
Perhaps something as simple as helping to set up and put away the equipment for the activity they are involved in, you could pick their brains as you help alongside them and be an encouragement to them.

Where are you serving already?
If you are throwing yourself in wholeheartedly then that is a good sign of having a willing heart, which if you’re going to be part of a team is vital.

Pray that God will develop a desire in you to serve where he wants you.

It’s important not to feel you can only serve in the area where you believe you are gifted, how else will you find what you are made of if you don’t get involved?

Who knows all that could be accomplished through you just being willing and happy to help.


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