The subject of revival is a little higher on the agenda at the moment due in part to the buzz from Victory Outreach Church in Cwmbran, Wales. People who wouldn’t normally talk about such things are keen to chat and discover what others think about it.

One question that tends to come up is whether there is anything we can do which might make a move of God more likely. I don’t know if anyone can answer that with a definite yes or no.

But there is the one thing you will find has been happening before any move of God.

There is always someone, somewhere, praying that God will come and do something more.
Even if it is just a couple of grey haired old ladies who are crying out for God to come and move in power to revive his church and impact society, there is always someone praying, they may have prayed for years, but there won’t be an absence of hungry hearts crying out for God to come.

If you want him to do this, you want him to be more powerfully at work in your church and your town, are you telling him this?

Do you know others who feel the same?

How about getting together to pray?

What to pray?
Well, we could start with asking him to meet with us more clearly than we have known before.
We want intimacy with him don’t we?
What helps us in our ordinary relationships? Time and attention. We need to spend time with him and pay attention to him. If we will do this, focussing our hearts and minds on him, we will come to a greater sense of intimacy, he promises that he rewards those who diligently seek him.
He wants us to love him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, he isn’t dispassionate and aloof, he is longing for us to press in to him, for more of him. Have you ever wondered why you are hungry? Rest assured it’s because he is stirring that desire in you.

As you develop a greater intimacy with him, as well as a growing love for him you will also find you want others to know him even more than you did before…then see if you can resist crying out for him to come and move in your church, in your town and country!


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