Autumn afternoon sun, lush green playing fields, deep dark woods, dogs happily bounding around strangers, fresh air filling my lungs after too long indoors. Peace.
As I began to walk I’d tried to listen through my earphones, but managed only a short distance before tugging them from my ears in the search for peace and the voice of God.
The crowding recorded voice invading my inner space was too much, I longed for the sound of the air, and leaves, and feet on pathways. A human voice, even reading a prophet’s words to me, was unwelcome.
I returned to my usual manner of walking in silence, all except the whispered prayers telling yet again all that is on my heart, though He knows already. I remind Him of dreams old and new, old prayers, and new imaginings, and I wonder, ‘What is His intent?’
For today, it is this, to be present, to see His good work around me, and know He is the Loving Creator, He is Beautiful Mystery, and I am content.


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