Authority flows to those who take responsibility.

This is a phrase that catches my attention, does it catch yours?

Paying attention for even a little while makes you see the sense of it, and the opposite is certainly true. If we won’t take responsibility for those things in our sphere of influence then we won’t be given anything more to take care of. We show what we are made of by how we deal with the responsibilities we have. If we deal well with them, then we will be given more, and authority is often part of that package.

How do we start to grow in this though?

Might we need to grasp some opportunities that are right in our path, right now?

Wholehearted living is essential to see dreams come true, nothing remarkable comes about through halfhearted efforts, and who doesn’t want to see something remarkable?

What are those kingdom dreams you have?

We can imagine that in another place and time we would be so very different, maybe even a little bit amazing. Come on, you know you do, and if you don’t, then your dreams might be a couple of sizes too small for you.

If we have hopes and dreams which seem more of a distant possibility than a probability, then engaging with those things which are well within our grasp is as good a place as any to begin our journey.

Hard work and engaging in things you don’t believe you are gifted in….these are strong helpers on the way towards seeing your God-given dreams come into reality. Why? Because if you only ever engage in those activities which you are sure you’ll be successful in, you won’t find anything like so much growth in your perseverance and determination, neither will you discover other areas you might well be very gifted in.

Put these things together, experience of serving in areas where you believe you have zero gifting, plodding through when all is slow and tedious, learning how to be alongside people and get along well with them, and what have you got?

Nothing to show for it?

Qualifications for a doormat?


You are seeing the beginnings of a growing ability to be a person fit for all sorts of situations, some of which may well be where you are perfectly suited for the role and you find yourself flourishing and, more importantly, those around you are being stirred and encouraged by you to go and do the same.

If in our quest for those possibly Holy Spirit given dreams to become a reality we won’t serve anywhere except where we know we are gifted then our dreams will probably stay just dreams.

We have to start somewhere…


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