Abram’s neighbours were no more likely to have believed him when he told them what he’d heard God say, than ours would believe us.
At least that’s how it seems to me.

Can you imagine their response? I don’t think people have only recently become sceptical, humanity has almost always been reluctant to believe on someone else’s say so.

Abram hears news from God which, once he has recovered from the shock and regained his composure, leaves him in no doubt that he will be a father, a father of so many he won’t be able to count them, not even if he is meticulously careful.
When he tells Sarah, she has nothing encouraging to say…she has trouble keeping the awkward laughter quiet within.

She knew for sure nothing could be further from the truth. After all, when was the last time they’d crept close in the warm of the night?
The expression on Abram’s face was odd, not a familiar one for sure. Maybe he did think it was possible.
Perhaps she should entertain the idea too…no, it’s too ridiculous.
She laughed.

I often wonder about Abram and how he felt through all that time of waiting. He heard from God it is true, but he didn’t hold his own children for many years.

We can have a word from God and after a while fret and wonder why we haven’t heard more. Abram may well have only ever heard about his family those times we read of, yet he continued in faith.

This story’s provocation to me is to keep going on the strength of what He’s already said to me. I do wonder whether He thinks ‘I’ve told you already!’ when I’m yearning for a confirming word, yet again, just to keep me encouraged.
Thankfully, when we are in need of encouragement, God doesn’t turn away in irritation but draws us in, reminds us of His heart, equips us for the journey, and sees us through to its completion.
Not only is He faithful in this, but He delights in the process…what an amazing Father He is.

Genesis 12:1-21:7

I’ll leave you with this quote from Brennan Manning’s book Ruthless Trust:

‘Based on the lived experience of God’s relentless faithfulness, a confidence blossoms that God is with us to continue and finish what He started.’



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