It was a perfect day. We left the house early for our longer than usual trip to church. We’ve wanted to visit this particular church for a long time. They say of themselves that they are a community shaped by the presence of God, so you can see why we would be drawn.

We drove between fields still crisp white with frost and softened by mist. The hedges and furrowed fields brought deep breaths of relief, of homecoming, of sweet memories. Amazing what the sight of true beauty can accomplish in moments. It prepared me well for meeting with God.

Over the course of the day we heard both Julian and Katia Adams, if you’ve ever heard them you know they are amazingly gifted communicators, if you haven’t, then find out where they are speaking next and go hear them. Yes, they are that good.

As I listened to Katia I found I was reminded of certain aspects of what God has called me to. Due to recent changes and pressures I’d not been mindful of these and had let them slip to the back burner, how can it be so easy to do this?
Funnily enough, only a couple of days before, we had spent an evening with friends and as we chatted about hopes and dreams and the practicalities of seeing them come to fruition, I found myself describing other scenarios which have been planted deep in me and are yet to come about. Stirring the pot of all the gifts and prophecies given over many years is essential or we can find those words of direction or calling gather dust, and details become less clear.

During the break between the two sessions we went to the coast, we walked, and talked, trying to imagine how certain events might look, finding what we knew already, that we won’t see clearly enough for a while yet, so we must wait.

Julian’s talk in the evening was a provocation to change the atmosphere of the areas where we have influence.
Katia’s had been about making sure we know who we are in Christ, what is true of us and how to work that out with each other. She mentioned accountability groups, not my favourite type of gathering, so my interest was piqued to see what fresh point of view she might bring. I wasn’t disappointed. She spoke of sin habits we would want to be rid of and how we could approach this. The usual accountability group tends to be sin focused, but Katia’s heart was more for us to spend time together calling out the gold and encouraging each other toward our destiny in Christ.

I knew she was truth telling. I have held this sort of group and seen the difference it can make to individuals and groups of people, drawing them into rich friendships, and even to dramatic life change, which may not have been embarked upon if they hadn’t heard what others saw in them.

If we had spent time focussing on faults we might still be gathering around them, rather than endeavouring to see great God-adventures come about. Instead we spent time digging into what God had put in each other and what that could lead to.

Later, when Julian referred back to Katia’s point on accountability, he agreed with her, saying the lowest form of accountability is policing sin, that a much higher form of accountability is to draw out the gold, stirring each other to greatness in God.
These points are only tiny samples of what Katia and Julian brought to us, I’d like to tell you more, but I’d rather you discovered them for yourself.
They are each a gift to the church. They could easily stand alone in their gifting but together they are even more of a force for breakthrough in kingdom living.
I would love to see more people working in this way, honouring each other, making room for each other, being delighted at the other’s success. Beautiful.

We left to travel home tired but inspired, reminded of God-dreams which had gathered a little dust over the last month or two, and ready to see what the next step will be.
So we say, ‘More, Lord.’
Check out their website Frequentsee, and search for podcasts online, you won’t regret it.
Julian and Katia were speaking at Kings Church Horsham, the church website will tell you more about what the heart of Kings Church is, and of course, you’ll find talks, etc.


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