Listening to God, taking him seriously, means putting our real deep-down gut-level trust in him. This can be tough sometimes, but it is so very worthwhile. It is a mark of a disciple.
Jesus calls us to follow him, do we trust him enough to do that? Do we think he knows what he’s asking, or how to live life, life as it should be lived?

I imagine all of us would say we believe he knows this, but I wonder whether deeper down we have reservations as regards his understanding of our lives and how life is today.

Sometimes we need to hear ourselves say things out loud to realise just how ridiculous our thinking is.

Sometimes when I speak to people about discipleship I can see them thinking that this is going to be hard, take a lot of effort, or mean giving up a lot of things that are familiar and part of their way of coping with life.

I have never, even once, come across anyone who asks, ‘What will it cost me NOT to follow hard after God?’

So, just in case that question does ever flit across your consciousness, this is a quote I’d like you to ponder.

Non-discipleship costs abiding peace, a life penetrated throughout by love, faith that sees everything in the light of God’s overriding governance for good, hopefulness that stands firm in the most discouraging of circumstances, power to do what is right and withstand the forces of evil. In short, it costs exactly that abundance of life Jesus said he came to bring (John 10:10)
The cross shaped yoke of Christ is after all an instrument of liberation and power to those who live in it with him and learn the meekness and lowliness of heart that brings rest to the soul..
The correct perspective is to see following Christ not only as the necessity it is, but as the fulfilment of the highest human possibilities and as life on the highest plane.’

Dallas Willard: Spirit of the Disciplines

Don’t you think Jesus understands abundance of life? Maybe, possibly, even better than you do? Don’t you think he knows how to get you into that abundant life? You bet he does.

Which life would you prefer?


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