People only do what they have seen themselves doing.

While I know this isn’t exactly accurate, it is a statement which bears some reflection.

What sort of things have you found yourself imagining in some quiet moment? It was probably while you were absorbed in doing something else which left your mind free to roam wherever it liked…
I have at times found myself thinking of some outlandish things, but they don’t appear so ridiculous later on when God has engineered for them to come about, they seem rather natural after all.
He is a remarkably creative and gentle Father, able to inspire us with thoughts which are far beyond our present situation or capabilities, He often chooses to do so in such a way as feels like it is just our imaginings, because, especially in the early stages of hearing God, we may find the full on ‘this is God speaking’ just a bit overwhelming, especially when what he is saying goes far beyond our own sense of what is doable.
As our experience grows we find we recognise the voice of God more readily and the truth which Jesus taught about His people hearing His voice takes a more familiar shape for us, as this happens we come to enjoy the process as well as the outcome.

When God breaks in on a particular day at a particular time everything is up for change. Those days can appear so mundane and ordinary when they start out with the same old breakfast and the same old routine, but by bedtime…life can look quite different.
What about the day you started your conscious journey towards Him? No one gets up in the morning and decides today is the day to become one who seeks after holiness, unless that’s the plan God had for that day for you, indeed if you know Him then one particular day that is most surely what happened.
So why do we find it a little beyond belief to think He will intervene and put thoughts and adventurous scenarios in our heads which he will bring about in his own good time?
We westerners find it so easy to dismiss the things we see in our mind’s eye as simply mental ramblings, when in fact, at least some of them will be from God as He provokes us to look beyond our own boundaries and to engage with Him in a less bordered life.
So…what’s on your mind?


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